White Space

White space is so important in web design, not only because it makes your website look more organized, but also because it helps highlight what’s really important instead of throwing it all together. I found an article from Tree House that explains what white space is, and why it’s necessary when designing a website. White space is, simply, the blank space left on the website. One thing I learned while reading this article was that white space doesn’t necessarily need to be white. The only criteria for an element to be considered white space is the absence of text or images. It can be any color. I’ve heard complaints about white space, saying it makes the user work by having to scroll to find what they need. I disagree. I think if a website is really designed well, with all the important information at the top clustered together, white space can add a sense of elegance and sophistication to a website. I’m a fan of minimalist websites, so white space is a must for me when I’m designing a page. Another reason I’m a fan of white space is that I can easily scan the website to find exactly what I need, since everything is spaced out so nicely.

website 7.PNG

Handiemail utilizes white space to their benefit on their website. The clean design highlights exactly what’s important on the website: the user purchasing their product. Plus, the white space color of cream, red, and blue reminds me of a post office, which reinforces the main message and product.

Sources: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/white-space-in-web-design-what-it-is-and-why-you-should-use-it


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