Color Theory

I read an article from Envato Tuts about the basics of color theory. The first thing the author discussed was how the colors used in the website should complement each other. You can see if the colors complement each other by referring to the Triadic, Compound, and Analogous color scheme chart.


Another component to keep in mind is the contrast the text and the background create. Generally, the background should be a lighter color and the text a darker color. Finally, the vibrancy of colors affecting the user’s mood towards the website affects retention rate for the website. Bright colors stimulate the reader, while dark colors relax the reader. It didn’t say in the website, but I also feel like dark colors on the website can create a scary mood for the website. I’m thinking of either Halloween themed websites or horror movie websites. Color psychology is fascinating to me, and I can use it to my advantage to really drive home the message of the website. In my web theory and design class last year, I saw examples of food websites (like Panera) using warm, savory colors on their website, and it made me want to snuggle up with a warm piece of bread and cheesy soup. I never paid serious attention to the way websites subtly promote their products through colors used on their website, but I do now.



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