I knew that mobile versions of websites were different from desktop versions, but I thought the mobile version was just smaller version of the original website. Come to find out, nope, that’s not the case at all. Mobile sites are incredibly planned out. A few differences I learned between desktop and mobile websites are that navigation appears almost instantly, there’s usually a GPS feature to navigate to the place of business, and occasionally there’s a click to call feature for the business’ phone number.  I think mobile versions of websites are now more important than ever simply because of the growing relevance of smart phones. No user wants a long load time for websites, so when I design my mobile website, I have to prioritize my content as to streamline load time. I think a good way to layout the mobile site after I prioritize content is to arrange it in a vertical fashion. That includes menu navigation and products. I found Shutterfly’s mobile website to be an excellent example of organized mobile web design. The navigation is organized vertically and there’s a clear search bar and shopping cart. It’s also easy for the user to find out special offers. And, it’s enjoyable to be on the site; the pictures of the products are nice to look at.

website 8.PNG



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