I read a design shack article titled “8 Rules for Creating Effective Typography” and it was eye opening. I learned the terms for specific parts of letters, such as ascender, spine, and bowl. Knowing these terms will help me when describing the font that I think will fit the feel of a website the best.


What really interested me with typography was the psychology associated with fonts. Why do we prefer one font over another, and why do they make us feel certain ways? I found two articles, one from Crew Backstage and Template Monster, that described the psychology of fonts. I learned that certain fonts can make a website seem more trustworthy. Certain businesses use only 1 font, which the general public associates with said businesses. Tying together these 2 statements, Bank of America once tested their website with the Helvitca font (usually associated with the government and other financial insitutions) and the Impact font (usually associated with newspapers). People found the Impact font to make the website seem less trustworthy. I’ve come to find out that fonts create the mood of the website. Serif fonts usually create a more formal feel, and sans serif a less formal feel. When I design my website, I have to take into consideration the audience when choosing the typography for my website.

Sources: http://www.templatemonster.com/blog/font-psychology/ https://crew.co/backstage/blog/the-science-behind-fonts-and-how-they-make-you-feel


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