Brands are very important for a company’s website because it’s how the face of the company is presented to the public. It can be sounds, textures, colors, or images, but it has to be consistent. Consistency helps companies keep customers. When designing a brand, keep in mind the colors used because different colors evoke different emotions. Also be mindful if the color carries certain connotations in different cultures. A designer wants to create a brand that is unique and shows personality and character. One way designers achieve this is giving inanimate objects human characteristics.


The way I see it, branding goes beyond just designing a logo. It’s the feel of the website. It’s the text, the background, the images, and how all this works together. I know when I designed my digital portfolio, I had to ask myself what kind of person I was trying to show my audience. I wanted to show I was professional, but at the same time relatable. In order to achieve this, I used a modern design for a website, with pictures of me in my everyday life. In my “About Me” section, I throw in a few fun facts about myself in addition to the skill sets I have. I want people to feel like they know who I am professionally and in real life. I also chose to use the color blue as my background because it’s proven that the color blue denotes trustworthiness.



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