Copyright has always been a tricky subject for me. I’ve learned about it in class, and had to apply it in my schoolwork and internships, but there has always been an element of uncertainty about it for me. I found a really great article from that discusses tips about copyright to keep in mind when designing a website. It’s always better to ask permission to use an image, and usually a safe bet to assume that every image is protected under copyright. If anyone tells you to take down an image because it violates copyright law, do it. It’s better to be safe. While investigating the validity of the image’s removal, it’s smart to ensure the image is removed during this process. Additionally, if you use a company’s trademark on your website, the designer will need permission from the company (unless, the website is informational). What I typically do when faced with copyright is to use Google’s Search Tools option to narrow down my search to Creative Commons images. Last year, a woman who worked for JMU spoke to my Web Theory and Design class held a workshop about copyright laws and how to comply with them. It was very insightful, and it was there I learned about Google’s Search Tools option. We participated in activities where we had to properly cite an image and make sure it was not protected under copyright laws. Copyright is an important issue because it can lead to legal problems and may ruin your professional reputation.



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