Redesigning vs. Tweaking a Website

This article from Visual Swirl stood out to me because I was faced with this problem in one of my previous internships. The author broke down the decision process into one of two options: either be a redesigner (web designer who’s more concerned with the look and branding of the website) or a realigner (wants to increase the usability of the website to more closely match user’s needs). The author encouraged web designers to be realigners. If the branding is good, and the website has a base following, it may not be the best idea to completely change the website. Web designers may lose key audience members if they design a completely new website. In these cases, minor tweaks will do the trick. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to start a website from scratch. This is the case if your website is failing its main purpose, to get users to complete the main task of the website, whether it’s signing up for a service or purchasing a product.  Once you analyze your audience, fix usability issues, design issues, and special features to increase the audience and their participation. Like I mentioned earlier, I was asked to give suggestions for tweaking a website. After reviewing the website, I came to the conclusion that it would be best to start the whole site over. I cited current audience perceptions of the site, as well as usability and design issues. I proposed a new website, with an updated, modern look to it and with new features that had the potential to drum up business.





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