Gathering Data for Infographics

Backtracking a little with this post here, but where exactly is the best place to get reliable, accurate information to use in infographics? An article from cites several respectable websites. Some good examples I saw were and the census. However, the best example I saw was from For a past project in one of my WRTC classes, I utilized data from the World Health Organization. I designed an infographic using average salaries of doctors around the world. I find that there is a difference between visuals and infographics. Visuals could just be pictures with little to no data, whereas infographics utilize a large amount of data. I’m a health communication minor, so I’m always looking for new websites with health data. One data source that piqued my interest was Google Public Data. I’d never heard of this before, so I actually went to the website to check it out. It was so cool! How it works is that it gathers data sets from all over the internet, which users can Google search from this one website. A few examples of websites it pulls data sets from is World Bank Group, Eurostat, OECD, International Monetary Fund, and the US Census Bureau. It presents a list of matched results, with data sets available for download and use. I also discovered that users can upload data sets that fall under strict regulations from Google. Google recommends that all data sets be either quantitative, categorical, time series, or aggregated. I was not aware of this service from Google before, but I seriously see myself using this feature in the future when I design infographics.






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