One of my favorite hobbies is photography, a pastime I first seriously became interested in in high school. A web designer can bypass all rules of copyright if he or she decides to use their own pictures on their website. Using personal pictures can also save the web designer money. An article from describes ten photography composition rules to keep in mind. A well thought out picture can set the feel for the entire website. My personal favorite photography composition rule is the rule of thirds. Whenever I see photographers utilizing this rule, it adds an air of professionalism to the photograph. Balancing elements in the picture, leading lines across the photo, and framing are all additional rules for photography. Balancing elements uses rule of thirds, but adds an additional element to offset the weight of the first element. Leading lines are especially useful for images on the web. When I redesigned Devils Backbone Brewery’s website, my header image was of a dirt path that led the user’s eye across the website to the company’s logo.

dbb example.PNG

Framing focuses the user’s eye on one particular subject, so it could be used to highlight the company’s logo. When I’m on a website, I like to see header images with either a unique viewpoint (like a scene shot from above) or strong textures. I’ve seen many cooking blog websites shoot their kitchen table in good lighting from above. This article also suggested using pictures with patterns. Repetition is a visually pleasing element to any website.




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