Benefits of a Minimalist Web Design

I’m a firm believer in the power of minimalistic web design. I like simple and clean, and let me tell you this format certainly fits the bill. Many of my friends do not like minimalistic web design, and go for detailed web design. I think there’s benefits to both minimal and detailed web design, and part of the decision reflects your personality. The first example of a famous website that uses minimalistic web design that immediately pops into my head is the Apple website. I find minimalism to be so sophisticated. I found a DigiTech Web Design article on the benefits of minimalistic web design, to show I’m not alone in my decision. First off, minimalistic websites have faster download speeds. I mean it makes sense; there’s less material on the page, so the load time is faster. Minimalistic websites require less upkeep. There’s less material that quickly gets outdated. Perhaps one of my personal favorite reasons to use minimalistic web design is that it helps the user focus on the content that’s really important. For example, I used a minimalistic web design approach when I designed my digital portfolio this semester. I think it helped portray the qualities I wanted to show potential employers, such as simplistic yet purposeful. Since I used a reoccurring theme of red, white, and black throughout the website, it added a sense of professionalism that may have been lost had I not used a minimalistic web design.



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