Choosing the Best Templating Engine for JavaScript

First off, I wanted to know what a templating engine was. According to the article I read, a templating engine is “a way for developers to interpole strings into more effective ways.” It can save website developers many hours, especially if the web designer is a heavy front-end JavaScript developer. The top choice among web designers for JavaScript templating engine is Mustache. Mustache is a logic-less templating engine, which means it only uses tags, and all values are set and executed according to tags. Handlebars is another nominee, with the article describing it as similar to Mustache, but with less logic-less and more focus on helping developers create semantic templates (which is more focused on the computer language). Another recommended templating engine for JavaScript is EJS (or Embedded JavaScript Template). I liked this option best because in the description it says that it pairs HTML markup with simple JavaScript. Simple is good, especially when you’re a beginner to JavaScript (like myself). It says that this templating engine has “fast code execution and ease of debugging.” But why should I even bother with these templating engines? Simple. Three reasons are stated, including code consistency and organization, which allows you to collaborate with other developers in a streamlined process. I’m sure that these templating engines will come in handy once I start to mess with JavaScript more.





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