Design Tips for Mobile Apps

I learned that there are a few standard rules that web designers should follow when they’re creating a mobile app. First, it’s important to realize that everything lays on a grid, so web designers are consistently having to define the margins and padding. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that color creates hierarchy. The darker the color, the more emphasis and importance is placed upon that element’s value. It’s also good to think about the cultural meaning of colors. You wouldn’t have a “No” button in green, would you? Green means “go”, and red typically means something along the lines of “stop” or “no”. Colors denote the element’s purpose. The article also mentions the importance of consistency. It says to keep elements consistent, so if the search button is blue, for example, all other buttons should be blue. Additionally, use spacing, color, and font to organize material on a mobile app. Good design on mobile apps also means fast load time. Something interesting I found out from the article is that Roboto is the Android standard, and Avenir Next is the iPhone standard. So what does all this mean for me? Next time I design a mobile app (which would actually be the first time), I need to keep in mind the colors used, consistency of the app, visual hierarchy, and fonts used. I wondered if you could use Dreamweaver to design mobile apps, and as it turns out, you can! Good news for me!



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