How to Customize UX for Mobile

This article really stood out to me because it discussed not only user experience, but the psychology behind user experience. I love learning about how the mind works, and the patterns people form when forming an opinion about a product. Web design, such as the colors used to images to navigation influences whether or not a user trusts the website. The article discusses “triggers”, or something that causes people to act and react. In the context of web design, these most likely require the user to interact with the website somehow (like swiping or touching the screen). Physical touch is so important in terms of the psychology of the user experience. Some other psychology ideas related to user experience are reciprocation (if the user signs up for a newsletter, give them a gift), social proof (what are my friends doing? Are they buying this?), and scarcity (users want what they can’t have). I often see on mobile websites that it can connect to your Facebook to let them know that you either just bought something or signed up for something. For example, Spotify for mobile allows you to share what you’re listening to, to your Facebook page. The intention is that by sharing that you’re listening to this song on Spotify, you might start a discussion on how much you love Spotify. This would fall into the social proof category. The why behind user experience is sometimes just as important as the how.



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