How to Engage Users with Mobile Apps

I stumbled across this fantastic manual written by Google on how to engage users and drive conversations with mobile apps. They started out the manual with this startling statistic: as many as 25% of mobile app users open an app once and never return to it again. The author, Jenny Gove, breaks down how mobile app designers can overcome this problem. A few solutions for retaining user interest and engagement mentioned is show the value of your app upfront, organize and label menu categories to be user-friendly, allowing the user to easily go back a step (without having to start all over, especially if they’re filling out a form), and make it easy for users to manually change locations (let’s say if they’re looking up a store in another state). Personally, I believe the most important solution to this problem of engaging users is showing the value of your app upfront. I have very little patience with apps, and if I don’t think the app has what I’m looking for, or doesn’t stand out against the myriad of other similar apps, chances are I’ll leave. Gove recommends placing the call to action buttons front and center, and highlighting the apps key and new features, so they’re able to interest the user easier. Additionally, addressing what the user is looking for right off the bat can help retain user interest and engagement. How does a mobile app designer know what the user is looking for? Say it for the people in the back, now: knowing your audience.



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