How to Know Your Audience

Honestly, can you say you’re surprised? This article posting was inevitable. I found a Web Designer Depot article titled “Designing for Your Target Audience”. First thing they say in the article is “…why would you work hard when you can just work smart?”. Knowing your audience takes out half the battle. In my Web Theory and Design class, once we had a rough demographic of who the target audience was of our website we created, we were asked to write up a mock target audience member profile. In this, we answered questions about where he or she liked to eat, the kind of music they listened to, problems they faced, and what an average day was like for him or her. The article says the best way to get to know your audience is to know how to ask the right questions. Ask them what they like about X Product (or didn’t like), or what attracted them to it in the first place. With your ultimate goal being to engage the user to interact with the website, complete an action, or simply return to the website, knowing your audience has all kinds of benefits. It’s also a good idea to hone in what exactly your goals are for your product. It’s a little like dating: once you figure out the specifics of who you are and what you’re trying to do, it’s easier to see how others view you and for you to know exactly what you’re going after. You wouldn’t want to cast your net out to any old fish in the sea, now would you?



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