Privacy Guidelines for Mobile App Development

GSMA wrote an extensive manual about privacy guidelines for mobile application development. I don’t have much personal experience about mobile app privacy because (a) I’ve never designed a mobile app before, and (b) I’ve never needed to collect privacy information. Well, unless collecting user data for demographics when I usability tested the ADPi Theta Omicron website counts. So, I suppose I have collected private information before, because I had to tell my participants that their demographic data would be deleted once the study was complete. A key feature in this privacy manual is being transparent enough so the user trusts you and trusts what you’ll do with their personal information you collect. Building trust is imperative, and I remember from the last inspiration log I wrote how design can build trust with the user. If the website aesthetically looks credible, and looks professional, you’re halfway there in terms of trust. Let them know what you’ll do with their information, and how to change the privacy settings if they decide to take back consent. It’s unethical to secretly collect user information, and frankly, it makes me sad that that needs to even be said. But, there are unscrupulous people out there I suppose. Just like in real life, it’s important to introduce yourself. So, when designing a mobile app, make sure your user knows who you are and why you need the information you’re asking for. Lastly, keep in mind how long you’ll need to retain user’s personal information, let the user know how they can control their information once it’s being stored.



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