Responsive Web Design Issues (And How to Overcome Them)

I read these 2 articles that talk about responsive web design issues. Now that I know how responsive web design should ideally work, I wanted to look at problems that might occur with responsive web design and how to fix them. One problem the author stated was that responsive web designers do not take into consideration how people use their phones or tablets – do they hold them horizontally or vertically. This can lead back to not knowing your audience. The best solution is to…say it with me now…know your audience. Another problem they mention is the images either looking pixelated or taking too long to load. They recommend as a solution to this problem using either scripts, SVGs, or icons. I completely agree. If I recall correctly, SVGs cannot get pixelated, no matter how far you stretch them. This is why they’re perfect for web designers. Another problem mentioned is sometimes tables and graphs on mobile websites can look cluttered. A potential solution is breaking a table out of its container. The final problem is loading too much content on a mobile website. In this case, know your audience and only put on the mobile website the content that is absolutely necessary. I found the idea of SVGs most interesting from these two articles. Since I’m relatively new to Adobe Suite, I’m still on my learning curve with designing SVGs in Adobe Illustrator. I used SVGs in the website I just coded (they were the icons), and they looked so crisp. I’ll definitely keep using SVGs!

Sources: and


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