Tools for Designing Mobile Apps

Now that I know the usability issues to watch out for in mobile apps, how do I begin to design one? I didn’t know if there was development programs for creating mobile apps, but I hoped there was. Ideally, it’d be something along the lines of Wix or Weebly, but for building mobile apps. Infoworld had a nice article about a few different options for mobile app development. Alpha Anywhere is the first development program they suggest, because it gives the designer the ability to compress large gigabytes of data. App Press is the second, and they showed a screenshot of the program, and it reminded me look-wise of an adobe process (it had a dark grey background, with buttons on the side that can expand out like Photoshop). Downside to this easy-to-use app is that it costs money. Now the next one, EachScape, looked very impressive to me. First off, it’s a cloud-based app developer program, so it’s free. In addition, it can help code mobile apps for iOS, Android, and HTML5 web apps. Best yet, it’s a drag and drop editor, which I’m always a fan of. Next up is, which is another development program for mobile and web with a drag and drop feature. Downside is that this development program costs money. I’m beginning to see a trend here; very rarely do you find programs like this that are free. That’s why EachScape really stands out to me as something that I can see myself using in the future.



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