What Do The Best Mobile Apps Have In Common?

Mobile apps come, and mobile apps go, but what engrains some of them into culture-defining apps? A few of my favorite mobile apps are Accuweather, Netflix, and Spotify.  I read a Savy Apps blog post titled What Makes a Great App. They laid out a few common traits in all successful mobile apps.  First off, good mobile apps focus on one feature really well. They don’t get too cluttered and try to get the user to do too many things at once. Second, good mobile apps know who their audience is and what their audience wants in a mobile app. I think of the Fitbit mobile app when I think of good audience analysis because the makers of Fitbit already know that most of their users are highly reward oriented, so they offer badges, ways to keep up with stats, and social competition with friends. Thirdly, good mobile apps don’t crash and they load quickly. Nothing makes me either leave an app or delete it from my phone faster than something that won’t do the one job it’s designed to do: run properly. Finally, good mobile apps appear polished. Tiny details like animations and sound effects can set a mobile app above the rest. Something they don’t mention in this article, but I think can set apart a good mobile app from a bad mobile app is good navigation. If the user is able to quickly scan a page and see a button that will take him or her to wherever they want to go, then that’s a successful app in my book.


Source: http://savvyapps.com/blog/what-makes-a-great-app


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