Why Should Web Designers Use Bootstrap?

Ok, so Bootstrap sounds great and all, but why is it a necessity to use? Bootstrap is an increasingly popular front-end development framework. I found an article from Bootstrap Bay titled Top 5 Reasons to Use Bootstrap. It was very convincing. The first reason to use Bootstrap is the speed of development. Purchasing Bootstrap themes can save you many hours of coding, but just in general Bootstrap saves web designers time. The second reason web designers should use Bootstraps is the ability to create responsive web design. Mobile websites are the future, and the number of users who prefer mobile over desktop is increasing. Since Bootstrap uses a fluid grid layout, it can adjust to the proper screen resolution in a snap. The third reason web designers should use Bootstrap is consistency. Now, both designers and developers can work on the same project and generate the same consistent results with Bootstrap. The fourth one, customization, surprised me because it sounds like Bootstrap will put in any elements you want, like buttons, navigation bars, and breadcrumbs, if you check those boxes. Finally, Bootstrap has a really strong, supportive community that can answer any frequently asked questions. In addition, the developers of Bootstrap are constantly revising the program for bugs, so that can prove to be helpful. I’m really interested in how you can customize Bootstrap, so I Googled for further information. Apparently, you can add additional CSS style sheets or modify the default Bootstrap theme. I’ll have to mess around with different ways to customize Bootstrap!

Sources: https://bootstrapbay.com/blog/reasons-to-use-bootstrap/ and https://bootstrapbay.com/blog/customize-bootstrap/


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