Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

I was sitting in class yesterday wondering the difference between responsive and adaptive web design. As far as I know, responsive web design is easily able to adjust between mobile, desktop, and tablet. I found a website from css-tricks.com called “The Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Design,” and it helped me further understand the differences between responsive and adaptive design. Basically, both design strategies function in the same way. The difference lies in that responsive web design changes to the size of the current browser at any given point, no matter what. Adaptive web design changes to the current browser size at specific points. It won’t change for just any browser size. So what does this mean for me? The website says its just a matter of opinion for which web design strategy to use. I am more partial to the responsive web design simply because, as you can see at the following gif:


responsive web design looks much more smooth to me. It just leads me to believe that responsive web design appears to have faster, smoother load time for the elements on the website. While I will try both responsive and adaptive web design, I am very excited to learn more about responsive web design.


Source: https://css-tricks.com/the-difference-between-responsive-and-adaptive-design/


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