The Science of Cleverbot: Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has always been a fascinating topic for me. My first experience with AI was in high school with Cleverbot. My friends and I would spend hours trying to trick this AI into tripping up, but it always came up on top. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a subtopic of computer science. AI’s definition is the science of making intelligent machines. It goes beyond simply solving problems and aims to give machines rationale. AI really began with Alan Turing during WWII cracking the Enigma code (a very famous movie, The Imitation Game, was recently released. I recommend it). Something I didn’t previously know was that there are two distinct types of artificial intelligence: general artificial intelligence and narrow artificial intelligence. General artificial intelligence are systems designed for general reasoning. Narrow artificial intelligence are systems designed for specific tasks. Google is funding an artificial intelligence research project called DeepMind, and recently has come to an interesting conclusion. Artificial Intelligence can have “killer instincts” and react negatively when placed in stressful situations. This comes to show the immense progress we’ve made in terms of AI, and potentially serves as a warning to the ethics of creating machines that are too human-like.

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