What Can You Do With JavaScript?

Now that I know the definition of JavaScript, what can I do with it? From what I’ve found, JavaScript can greatly increase the usability of my website. First, JavaScript can help users when they create a username, to live check if the username is taken, preventing a frustrating reload of the webpage every time if the username is already taken. Second, when the user searches for an item on a website, JavaScript can give live search updates. What this means is if the user types in “B,” everything that begins with “B” on the website shows up. I never knew this was a JavaScript component, but am glad I know now. Google is famous for this smart searching technique. Google must use JavaScript for its search engine. Searches finishing your thoughts is called “autocomplete.” JavaScript can also allow users to choose from a list of items instead of solely having input boxes. JavaScript works nicely with Flash Plugins, which are used for animations and videos. JavaScript sounds like a program I’d like to get more familiar with (or rather, I need to get more familiar with in order to make my responsive YouTube video header).

Source: https://www.w3.org/community/webed/wiki/What_can_you_do_with_JavaScript


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