What is JavaScript

I’ve heard the term tossed around a few times, and my only experience with JavaScript is when I’ve been trying to insert a responsive YouTube video as a Bootstrap header. I’m not entirely even sure what JavaScript is, or if it’s even as comprehensive as what HTML/CSS is. I googled it, and came across a real comprehensive article about what JavaScript is from javascript.about.com. As it turns out, JavaScript is just another computer programing language, just like HTML/CSS and Bootstrap. I’ve only used it for videos, so I thought it was more of a paintbrush than the whole easel. Additionally, I found out that there’s something called Java, and it’s different than JavaScript? I know what I’m writing about next time. Honestly reading this article brought up points that I never even though of about JavaScript, like the fact that most web browsers support JavaScript. Just like any other computer programing language, there are templates available online that allow you to plug specific JavaScript components straight into the code writer program. This website then went into detail about the difference between HTML and JavaScript, which I didn’t know what the difference was. HTML is a markup language designed for static web content, while JavaScript is for more interactive, dynamic web content. The more you know.

Source: http://javascript.about.com/od/reference/p/javascript.htm


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