What’s SEO?

I know SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” but what does that actually mean for my website? Enabling SEO for your website can help search engines find your website more easily. Search engine traffic directed to a website can exponentially improve an organization. According to Moz.com, search engines have two main functions: searching through the entire internet, and ranking the websites they determine to be most relevant to the given search. SEO is essential to getting your name and website out for public view. SEO is the future of competitive web design. SEO is far from perfect, though. Search engines have a hard time find content hidden behind login screens, and errors in the website’s crawling directives. It’s important to keep in mind how web designers market the information found on the website. If relevant information is highlighted and SEO is enabled, search engines and henceforth users will have an easier time finding the information they seek. I was curious to see how I enable SEO for my WordPress website. A quick Google search led me to discover that I first must install a WordPress plugin to enable SEO. Now that I know the importance of SEO, for all future websites that I wish to be more publicly seen, I’ll make sure to remember SEO.

Source: https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo



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