What’s the Cloud?

We’ve come a long way with how we share files. The newest trend popping up everywhere is the Cloud. But what is it exactly? Basically, files are saved on the internet instead of locally on a computer. Easy enough. But if it’s on the internet, how is it protected? Why can’t just anyone see it? All files stored on the Cloud are encrypted, so it’s tricky for hackers to easily gain access to your information. There’s many different types of cloud computing platforms, such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Netflix, Yahoo Mail, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. There are many benefits to using cloud computing. First, and most obvious, ease of access. Anywhere you have internet connection, you can access files stored on the Cloud. This makes collaboration with colleagues a snap. On the flip side, this can also be a drawback. If a user doesn’t have internet access, certain files stored on the Cloud can’t be accessed. Second, the Cloud is an easy way for users to save space and not worry about how many pictures are on their device. Third, Cloud-based computers (like Google Chromebooks) are becoming a more popular option for low-cost alternatives to laptops. Nothing is 100% safe on the internet, so it’s wise to use your best judgement when uploading files to the Cloud.

Source: http://www.recode.net/2015/4/30/11562024/too-embarrassed-to-ask-what-is-the-cloud-and-how-does-it-work


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