Difference Between a Gaming PC and a Regular PC

With all this talk about PC gaming, I have to wonder: what’s the difference between a gaming PC and a regular PC? Some of these gaming PCs look insanely cool, with blue, green, or red lights under the systems unit. It just makes me wonder how much of these gaming PCs are for show, and how much they are actually really good for gaming. I read a Velocity Micro article regarding this topic. It says that the gap between gaming PCs and regular PCs used to be a lot smaller, but today, the gap is immense. Regular PCs are mainly used for simple tasks, such as web browsing, emails, downloading files, and playing simple games. This is where gaming PCs diverge. With the increasing complexity of video games, gamers need a computer than can keep up. Gaming PCs have inclusive hardware, such as liquid cooling tubes that keep the CPU and graphic cards cool, high-end graphics cards, top-of-the-line CPU, as much RAM as will fit, fast processor, and a large power supply. These gaming PCs are built to last, so although they may be an investment, it will be guaranteed to outlive any regular PC. Another perk to gaming PCS is that you can easily update the hardware in the computer.

Source: http://www.velocitymicro.com/blog/whats-difference-extreme-gaming-pc-regular-pc/


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