Drones are another buzzword that keeps popping up in recent history. My experience with drones have been two times: one, a drone filmed the crowd at College Gameday, and two, one of the sororities on campus used drones to help film their recruitment video. I’ve also heard talk about Amazon using drones to deliver packages. I think that sounds so cool, but at the same time, a little frightening. One category of drones I’m forgetting to mention is military drones. Drones have many positive benefits. A few benefits include surveying and spraying crops, aiding in disaster relief and delivering humanitarian relief, a low-cost alternative to aerial photography and videography, and tracking animal populations. The three main categories for drones are: hobbyist, military, and stealth drones. Since military drones are expensive, they are not as common as you may think. They’re mainly used for surveillance and military attacks that require precision that human error can’t always necessarily provide. I’m most interested in hobbyist drones, though. They’ve come a long way from the previous joystick controls. Today, they are built with GPS capabilities and other waypoint navigation systems. If this technology was available to me (and wasn’t so expensive), I’d take advantage of it for all my videography projects, just because it looks so dang cool.

Source: http://drones.cnas.org/reports/what-are-drones/


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