Google Assistant

I’ve used Microsoft’s Cortana now for a while, and have heard of Siri and Alexa, but the new kid on the block for personal voice command assistants is Google Assistant. It’s sort of an extended, upgraded version of Google Now. Google Assistant can give you traffic updates, check the weather, set reminders, and give sports updates (just to name a few functions). I’m not quite sure what sets Google Assistant apart from the number of other voice commanded personal assistants. The coolest (and also scariest) factor of these personal assistants is that they learn from you. They study you, your interests, your tendencies, and they adapt to fit your lifestyle. Google Assistant is primarily for Android users as of right now. I have an Android phone, so I decided to try this out. I held down the home button, and lo and behold, it popped up. In order to set it up, it had to create a model of my voice, so I had to say “Ok Google” three times. It then asked if I wanted this voice command of “Ok Google” to be able to unlock my phone, but I thought that was too risky. This app seems pretty cool, so I’ll have to keep exploring it.



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