Google Glass

Google Glass looks like something straight outta a sci-fi movie. It’s a pair of wearable glasses that can take pictures, take videos, and navigate users. It all just seemed too good to be true. And it was. It has since been discontinued and remains in the peoples’ minds as nothing more than a novelty. A great idea, but failed execution you could say. There are a few pros and cons to Google Glass. First, the pros. Taking photos hands-free is now easier than ever, Google Now is a cool feature, the navigation feature is for the most part pretty accurate, and it serves as a great conversation starter. That’s nice and all, but what about the cons? Google Glass is insanely expensive, it has a very short battery life, an extremely limited number of apps available to download, and 5MP photos require good lighting. One move that Google made that I personally believe led to its demise is that it prematurely released Google Glass. It allowed beta testers to get out all the kinks, but a commonly used term to describe these beta testers became “glasshole” because of the awkward wall it puts up between people. Google Glass will one day be looked back as the prototype for some great smart glasses one day.



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