How Do Computers Work – Part 1/3

Once again, computers are something I use every single day, but have not the slightest clue about how they operate. I think it’s so cool that some people are able to build their own computers. Most of the people that I know that build their own computers use them for gaming. Building your own PC allows for complete customization. Inside of computers, there are millions of transistors that operate not by your hand, but by electricity. Building a simple computer requires 2 things: something that can store and represent information, and a way to preform calculations and make decisions. First, I’m going to look at how computers store and represent information. Computers use binary (the language that uses 1 and 0). These single ones or zeros are referred to as “bits” and an average laptop can store over two trillion bits. But how are these bits organized? How do you know where one bit sequence begins and another bit sequence ends? Computer scientists group together eight bits to form a “bite.” This binary code can even describe varying levels of red, green, and blue to corm different colors. I had no idea the extent of what Binary code could do. I guess Binary really does make the world go round.



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