How Do People Make Video Games?

The thing about video games nowadays is, they’re basically interactive movies. Sometimes, I find myself just watching playthroughs on YouTube. Like filming a movie, video games require a planning stage. During this stage, designers create a storyboard. What this means is designers will sketch out the characters, scenes, and other important features of a video game. Another way designers stay organized is by creating a game design document. This document lays out every detail of the game (character backstories, game controls, etc.). Designers must also think about the environment the game will take place in during this stage. If designers have less experience creating a video game, there are software packages, such as Game Maker, Game Editor, and DarkBASIC, that essentially function like a WordPress website in that you can drag and drop features into a game. These programs are great, but don’t allow for unique customization. Simple games don’t require knowledge of coding, but the more complex your game gets, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll need to know code. With code, designers are able to have complete creative control. They can design new weapons and change the color of any object. With the growing market of video games, software publishing will only increase its industry market value in the future.



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