Information Overload

The first time I heard about information overload, I was a first semester freshman sitting in Jim Zimmerman’s WRTC class. We read an article titled, “Is stupid making us Google, or is Google making us stupid?”. Basically, the premise of the article was trying to figure out if we were given so much information, we couldn’t retain any information and relied on Google for our knowledge, or if it was simply that we rely on Google for all our knowledge so we never truly learn anything in-depth. Information overload is providing a person with so much information, that it floods their brain, leaving the user confused and unable to make a decision. I’ve heard about this before. When you provide a person with too many choices, often times, he or she won’t make a choice. I live this constantly with Netflix. It’s like, too much of a good thing is bad. This problem first arose when the channels of communication and availability of those channels increased. Today we have radio, TV, computer, phones, and print media (to name a few). The worst part is, there’s so much information on the internet, not all of it is true, so it requires a critical eye to shift through to find the truth. This is why technical writing is important: we keep information simple.



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