Pros and Cons of SIM Cards

SIM cards are the reason I don’t have trust issues anymore. They’ll always store your data and make switching phones a breeze. Except when they don’t. Sometimes SIM cards screw up and make your life as painful as walking on embers. In this article, I’m going to talk about the pros and cons of SIM cards. If you change phone but keep the same carrier, you can easily switch out the SIM card and proceed with using your phone with all the previous data. And, when you go abroad, it’s super simple to buy a SIM card from a local carrier. Just make sure your phone isn’t locked to a specific carrier, or there may be a fee for changing SIM card carriers. And now for the fun part: the drawbacks. Like I mentioned before, it’s difficult for people to switch SIM cards between different phones for different carriers. And if it comes down to it and you absolutely need to, it’s often expensive and confusing, requiring an unlock code. Apple is doing something really cool where, if you buy an iPhone SIM-unlocked, you can add an SIM card from any carrier into it. This is especially useful if you are a frequent international traveler.



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