Virtual Reality

A few days ago, I watched an episode of Black Mirror in which a man was trapped inside a virtual reality horror video game, and could not tell what was real and what was not real anymore. It piqued my interest in virtual reality, especially in the realm of video games. I like video games, so the idea that there’s a possibility of full-game emersion into a video game excites me. Virtual reality is “near-reality”, a sort of reality emulation. Its technical definition is “a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment.” Virtual reality is often used to train professionals when training is too dangerous. However, this brings up a controversial point. When does the virtual reality simulation become “too real”? If violent virtual reality video games gets in the hands of the wrong people, it could act as a training video for them. If a person is in a virtual reality environment for too long, it may desensitize them to what actual reality feels like. As with many things in life, I believe virtual reality can be a great tool for our future, given that it’s used properly and is in the right hands. Only time will tell how virtual reality will shape our future, but I remain optimistic.




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