What is CPU?

I used to always call it the “brain” of the computer, but its technical term is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). When I was a little girl, my dad always called it the “brain” around me, and when he would take apart his computer, I would always sit there, fascinated. It looked like a miniature city to me, with buildings, roads, and cars. Maybe I was just a super imaginative child. It still looks like a city to me, though. Maybe Dad wasn’t so far off by calling it the brain. That’s essentially what it is. The CPU is responsible for interpreting and executing almost all of the commands from the computer’s other hardware. CPU isn’t just limited to computers. CPU is also found in smartphones, TVs, and tablets. A few other names CPU goes by is processor, computer processor, microprocessor, central processor,and “the brains of the computer”. CPUs vary in something called “clock speed.” Clock speed is how many instructions a CPU can process in any given second. It’s measured in Gigahertz. When a computer says it has “dual-core processing,” that just means it has two CPUs working side by side, and therefore, can do twice the work at twice the speed. Computers honestly amaze me.

Source: https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-a-cpu-2618150


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